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Baguette de cuisine Moribashi verte 165mm

€79,00 EUR

Moribashi are Japanese kitchen chopsticks used in Japanese cuisine. They are used in the preparation of Japanese food, decollating to plates and are not designed for eating. These chopsticks allow handling of hot food with one hand, and are used like regular chopsticks. These chopsticks have a length of 30 cm (12 in) or more, and may be looped together with a string at the top. They are made from bamboo, but for deep frying, metal chopsticks with bamboo handles are preferred, as the tips of regular bamboo chopsticks discolor and get greasy after repeated use in hot oil. The wooden handles protect against heat.

Material: All stainless steel
Handle  Material:Lacquered
Length: 310mm
Length of the stainless part :165mm
Ferrule Material: Pakka wood
Weight: 58g